Wanyea Foley
Epoch 2021
Diploma of Visual Arts
My art relates to my spiritual beliefs and sense of impowering expression, and Earthly creations.  
I am a young Australian Figurative artist on a wander to empower myself and others through my artistic creations. Using a variety of Oil colours, I enhance nudity imagery from the norms of society as well as connection towards nature. I express my deep gratefulness and admiration to female power, human form, vulnerability, self-expression and spirituality. Strongly interested by human socialisation and bodily image, I seek to explore the power of our inner child, experiences, soul, growth and self-worth. 
Through calm colours, organic forms and natural forms I convey influential communication towards my viewers, somewhat expressing my own journey, hopes, visions and fantasies in ambition to inspire others through this process.   
Instagram: @_aura.of.art 
Behance: wanyeaboyes 
Facebook: wanyea.boyes

Earth woman
Oil on Canvas, 31.75cm x 42.33cm 

A Nude Figurative painting which displays soft emotions and peace. The piece is earthly as it shows viewers what the quiet female mind of painting feels like for myself.

 Brown Eyes
Oil on canvas, 31.75cm x 42.33cm 

A painting designed to show the aspect of wander. The piece explores themes of surrealness, aura and a sense of animated fantasy.

Oil on canvas, 31.75cm x 42.33cm 

An art work based on the magic of how impowering vulnerability is.

Hybrid Homage Gustave Corbet
Oil on canvas, 31.75cm x 42.33cm 

A Homage aspired by Gustave Corbet, a new form of realism.

Don’t be afraid
Oil on canvas, 31.75cm x 42.33cm 

Self-discovery and realisation within the male human form.

Earth Connection
Mixed media, 31.75cm x 42.33cm  

We grow like mother nature, and from that we learn what beauty she has for us to grow.

Eucalyptus Leaves
Pencil on paper, 31.75cm x 42.33cm

Mushroom Pixie
Watercolour on paper, 31.75cm x 42.33cm

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