Sophia Jiang
Illustre 2021
Diploma of Visual Arts (Illustration)
Hi, my name is Sophia Jiang. 
I am 18 years old and I’ve started my passion for art when I was very young at the age of 5 ! I was taken to art lessons outside of school and attended NewStarArt School for about 11 years and have learnt so much and am always keen to learn more and what’s out there. I love creating work with very intricate and detailed patterns and bold colours as I want the audience to really look into my work. I am definitely interested into doing something such as tattooing as I’m fascinated by the skills and techniques and having to put your art on someone’s body basically forever! I’m still young and learning a lot and building my portfolio as I’ve attended certificate 3 and 4 of Visual arts and am now doing Diploma to build my knowledge and artwork.

The Dragon
Ink and Watercolour

The Lionfish
Mixed Media

The Jellyfish
Mixed Media

The Lotus Flowers
Acrylic Paint and Gouache

The Butterflies
Ink and Fine Liner

The Zodiac Signs
Pen and Copic Markers

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