Rose Story
Epoch 2021
Diploma of Visual Arts
Rose Dawn Story is an emerging visual artist.  
Alongside a successful career in business administration, Rose is pursuing her passion for visual arts. She has overcome considerable barriers in her life to arrive at a place where she is present in, and open to the world.   
Rose has embarked on a journey to explore a diverse range of art forms. Her goal is to get a handle on as many kinds of media as possible so that her work can be realised to the greatest effect. The work reflects her observations of the everyday, personal feelings, insights and continual learning. She is inspired and encouraged by the people who know themselves well and live a life fully realised.  
Rose is devoted to developing her art practice through formal study. She anticipates a lifelong journey creating art.  
See Rose’s work on Instagram:

Fur Mother (homage Del Kathryn Barton) 

Acrylic, gouache, watercolour, ink and pen on paper 560x760mm 

This work is a personal family portrait. I am at the centre. Having survived now thriving, the ribbons of the past are visible but not restraining me. I look directly at the viewer. I am here,  in all my splendour. Mr Trevor Cheezel sits at my feet, a loyal companion. Lotus seed pods remind that without mud there is no lotus. Rose is my name. Japanese anemones represent a wish to visit Japan. The cosmos swirls around us.

Work in Progress (homage Stuart David and Henri Matisse) 

Acrylic, pen and collage on paper 560x760mm 

My balcony and the view beyond it, this work is a response to my surroundings. For many months in lockdown a level crossing removal project was main thing I saw. A once in a lifetime piece of infrastructure emerging before my eyes.

Darbuka and ukulele 

Pencil on paper 

A study of two instruments. Drawn in the cubist style.

Drum Kit 

Pencil on paper  

A drapery study.

Self Portrait Series 

Collage 3 x A3 

Long, slow summer days,  
Eating watermelon on the lawn  
And spitting out the seeds.   
There was something much darker  
Lurking in the shallows.  

  20 years later  
And finally safe  
My mind fell apart.  
The darkness lurking in the shallows  
Washed over me in a dumping wave.  
Sand full of long held memories  
I didn’t know which way was up.  

  Another 20 years later  
I am here  
Emerging remade, reparented  
Holding the darkness and fear  
Of a sometimes still cresting wave  
But facing you steadfast  
Proud and blossoming.  

Not a conscious attempt at art therapy, this project birthed some suppressed memories, acknowledged what my internal life is like and consolidated my healing journey.  

  The most personal work I have made, I feel exposed sharing it. I still harbour misplaced shame about the hurt done to me. This work is another small step on my journey to living a life fully realised. 

Excavator, boom gates and railway station sign 

Pencil and pastel on paper 560x380mm 

Things in and around Bell train station. Drawn in cubist style.

Sacred Lotus life cycle 

Ink on paper 

Without mud there is no lotus.

Perfume Bottles 

Collage and pencils A3 

Something “feminine” drawn in the cubist style.

Blue hand holding a mandarin seed 

Polychromos pencils and solvent A3 


Collage, monotype, pen 2 x A3 

What a great piece of engineering excavators are. Every kid in the sandpit loves them. 

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