We the graduating Diploma class of 2020 would like to express our warm gratitude to everyone who helped with the realisation of this year’s exhibition.
Despite the uncertainties of this year, the support shown has been overwhelming. To our hard-working teachers you have all been an incredible help. We have greatly benefited from your knowledge, support and dedication to photography and to our development and making this year possible. We really appreciate all you have done to help us pull this off and are forever grateful and humbled.  
Program Leader
Natalie Morawski

Teaching Staff
Maurizio Salvati
Chris Hillard
Steve Scalone
Keren Dobia
Arrayah Loynd
Lucia Ondrusova

Support Staff
Nick Thorley - Technician
Alex Celliers - Admin
To the entire Melbourne Polytechnic staff who have navigated their way through assisting and supporting students during this time: We would like to say THANK YOU!
We would also like to thank Melbourne Polytechnic for the educational opportunity offered in the Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging.
Visit Anthology 2020, the most recent staff exhibition, to see examples of our teacher's work and learn more about their personal practice.
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