The Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging students of 2020 have shown incredible feet during this unprecedented year. Resilience and positivity has been ever present by this dedicated group during the most unlikely of isolating circumstances. Each student continued to thrive in their photographic practice with adaptability and determination and together with their collaborative strengths present to you Gradshow 2020.
The exhibition highlights photographic work of investigation and exploration, which encompasses all facets of storytelling from mythical symbolism, observations of the foreign land through to local rap artists of Melbourne. Please enjoy the photography on display in recognition of the achievements of our Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging students at Melbourne Polytechnic.
Thank you Tyler, Vera, Esteban, Leo, Andres and Larissa for your continual energy and passion for your craft and we hope this year’s monumental passage brings you many rewards in your future of photography.
The Melbourne Polytechnic photography teachers and support staff would also like to congratulate and wish all the graduating students every success in their photographic journey.

Photography Grad Show 2020 Catalogue

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