2020 has been a year we will not likely forget, as we each have had to adapt our daily lives to respond to the pandemic. In these unsettling times, our teachers have had to transition from their normal teaching practice to exploring new virtual ways of remote learning, while juggling the effects of COVID-19 on their personal lives as well. 
But despite these many challenges, with unwavering dedication, support and guidance, they have risen to the occasion, encouraging each student to fulfil their unique personal potential. We feel privileged to have had such an inspiring and talented group of artists as our teachers and mentors.  
Warren Crossett 
Con Emmanuelle
Bill Hay
Jodi Heffernan
Sean Payne
Kirsten Perry
Neil Sanders
Ben Sheppard
Please accept our sincere gratitude and acknowledgement of your hard work, dedication, and support. 
To the entire Melbourne Polytechnic staff who have navigated their way through assisting and supporting students during this time: we would like to say THANK YOU!
To our Program Leader Helen Jolly for providing guidance and support; 
To the always welcoming and willing to assist administrative staff, Angela Bellini and Martha Zielinski;
To Karenne Ann, for providing assistance whenever required;
To Catherine Campbell for creating an impressive exhibition website, allowing our work to shine. 
We would also like to thank Melbourne Polytechnic for the educational opportunity offered in the Advanced Diploma of Creative Product Development. Its unique structure and the staff’s exceptional knowledge base have been essential in our creative development. 
Visit Anthology 2020, the most recent staff exhibition, to see examples of our teacher's work and learn more about their personal practice.
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