On behalf of the class of 2020, we would like to thank the following teachers who have done their very best in what has been such an uncertain year to educate us from their homes, adapting course content to make it accessible and manageable remotely.
Warren Crossett
Con Emmanuelle
Bill Hay
Jodi Heffernan
Dean Jones   
Margaret Krajnc
Sean Payne
Neil Sanders
A special thanks to our Program Leader, Helen Jolly for ensuring our success, our technician Catherine Campbell for endeavouring to create a fantastic website that we are all immensely proud of, and our administrative staff Angela Bellina and Martha Zielinski.
We are grateful to end the year with an accomplished exhibition that showcases the work we have achieved despite the limitations in place. In what has been an incredibly difficult year, we truly thank all the teachers and staff for their dedication, patience and commitment to us and our class time!
Click on the image below to visit Anthology 2020, the most recent staff exhibition, where you can see examples of our teacher's work and learn more about their personal practice.
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