Olivia Salinger
Illustre 2021
Diploma of Visual Arts (Illustration)
My name is Olivia Salinger and I am a Swiss/Australian artist and aspiring illustrator. I started the Diploma of Illustration this year after a 10 year detour via university and motherhood, and feel that I have finally reconnected with my "thing". As many of my class mates, I have been drawing since very young and now have the pleasure of trying to instill my passion for all things creative in my daughter too. 
This year has meant taking first steps on a pathway into the creative industries, exploring the digital medium and learning to use programs that have allowed me to bring past projects to life and envision some of my future endeavours. I will be continuing my studies at Melbourne Polytechnic next year, further exploring themes of identity and emotion, as well as building a portfolio of my quickly expanding skill set. 
If you are interested in prints and/or originals, please contact me directly at oliviaesalinger@gmail.com
To follow my art journey as it stumbles along, my Instragram page is:

Meanwhile I work as a professional henna artist and am available for bookings and creative collaborative projects:

Self Portrait
Acrylics A3
Self Portrait - The past few years have been very difficult at times. What got me through was my faith and a fierce defiance, if not always hope. To me, faith has meant integrity: the reason I hold on to my basic principles when doing the right thing is not always clear. 
Prints available

 Safe Place
Mixed Media A3
Safe Place - The last time she needed me for a nap in my arms. Being a single parent, it can be hard to provide safe places, whether it is because of unstable housing, family violence, or mental health issues. But mama's arms, listening to a heartbeat, is a good place to start.
Prints and original available for sale.

4th Trimester
Coloured Charcoal A5
4th trimester - She was born on at 42 weeks, but we were still one for many more. 
Prints available

Grandmother's Hand and Secateurs
Graphite A3
Grandmother's Hand and Secateurs - Grosi, my mother's mother; secateurs and apron as much a part of her as the vineyards and gardens she has kept. Like the cloud of white hair and wrinkles all the way to her ears when she smiles.
Prints available

Curious Encounter
Graphite and Watercolour A4
Curious Encounter - Interesting finds in a rockpool for our marsupial friend.
Prints available

Mixed Media
Amphibian - A froggy - A distant cousin to our marsupial friend perhaps?
Prints available

Slink away
Ballpoint Ink A5
Slink Away - Wet and bored with chasing one legged creatures, our veiled marsupial friend slinks away into the bushes.
Prints available

Baby Bear
Watercolour A4
Baby Bear - A bedtime story favourite for my daughter. Ask me and perhaps I can send you my first chapter.
Prints available

Ink 17x19cm
Henna - A socially distanced henna design. Did you know I am also a professional henna artist and you can book me for weddings and events? Instagram: @henna_art_by_olivia
Prints and original for sale.

Explorer's Pattern
Mixed Media
Explorer's Pattern - A visual walk through the woods down to the beach.
Prints and a repeating pattern are available.

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