Olgaa Fienco
Epoch 2021
Diploma of Visual Arts
I’m a Melbourne born artist and am inspired to create from my dreams, spirituality and imagination.  
The work of Georgiana Houghton, Hilma af Klint, Mark Rothko, Agnes Pelton and many other abstract artists from the past who have pursued their spiritual aspirations, and been pioneers in this field,  have given me confidence to make the connection to my spirituality and express it in my art. 
I continue to expand and broaden my skills and knowledge by learning new techniques and methods. As a spiritual person I enjoy working in a very intuitive, organic way allowing the work to flow and be present. My hope is that whoever is drawn to my work can resonate and allow the art to take them on an exploration of their inner journey. I would like to thank all the amazing teachers, staff and my peers for making the creative space this year an extraordinary experience. 
To see more of my work please visit my Instagram page: @artyolgaa
My work is for sale and I’m also available for commissions. If you would like to know more please contact me at olgaa.fienco@bigpond.com 

Georgiana's Light
Watercolour on paper – 37 x 44.5 

This painting is an homage to Georgiana Houghton, possibly the first unrecognised woman abstract painter of the 19th Century. Georgiana’s work was about communicating the survival of life after death. It was heavily influenced by her faith and belief in the Spiritualist movement. Georgiana created beautiful intriguing works of art with watercolour on paper, guided by the help of Spirit guides and Archangels. I aimed to bring the luminosity through the many layers with watercolour, a medium I used for the first time, which I enjoyed working with. I felt her presence with me during the creation of this work.

Acrylic on Canvas - 45 x 57 NFS 

My Mamma Elena, was a beautiful, sweet woman. She always welcomed people and spread joy with her warmth and generosity. She was a funny, intelligent and wonderful human being. My family and friends say I have captured her gaze and that makes me very happy. This painting is the combination of two styles of painters, Gustav Klimt and Tamara de Lempicka. I was encouraged to draw my Mum by Jodi, our printmaking teacher.

Visions of the Future
Mixed Media on Canvas board - 29.7 x 42.0  

This is my Fact or Fiction entry for 2021 in which I was a finalist. Hilma af Klint another pioneering woman who believed in herself and her spirituality and finally recognised as being a pioneer of abstract art.

Acrylic on Canvas – 45 x 55 

Most of my work comes to me in dreams. This is one of those and whilst 
I don’t always know the meaning of it,  I feel I am being
asked to paint a message.
A doorway to another world

Acrylic on Canvas - 46 x 60 

The process of this painting happened spontaneously.
I didn’t plan to paint a horse or what 
I now know to be a water horse called a Kelpie in the Celtic tradition.
I love it when something develops from trust.

Acrylic on Canvas - 46 x 60 

With this painting I wanted to evoke a sense of mysticism. This too came in a dream. Merkaba comes from a Hebrew word meaning chariot, or vehicle, and can also be defined as a light spirit body. The Merkaba Symbol is a shape made of 2 intersecting tetrahedrons that spin in opposite directions, creating  a 3-dimensional energy field. 

Linocut on paper - 43 x 57 

At the beginning of the Diploma course I drew a picture which I didn’t know what to do with. I felt it needed developing but didn’t know how. During printmaking class I was chatting to Jodi our teacher and she encouraged me to work on it. I’m so glad she did because this picture emerged and at that time I was feeling somewhat creatively spent and unsure. This print changed that for me.

Self Portrait
Pochoir on paper -  25 x 35.5 

Creating this pochoir in printmaking was so much fun and I’m very happy with the colours and it’s meaning to me.

Acrylic on Canvas – 45 x 55 

When I was working on this painting I felt a higher guidance and wanted an ethereal quality to emerge. A friend has told me that looking at this painting has helped her greatly to heal. I have been using the white circles as part of my process.

Peace Orbs
Acrylic on Canvas -  45 x 55 SOLD 

These spheres came to me in a dream. I saw them on water and had to paint them. There is for me a certain peace in this painting which I hope translates to others.

Acrylic on Canvas – 45 x 55 

From somewhere deep within, from another place or Universe. Maybe a birthing, maybe the mix of the elements.

 Look Up
Acrylic on Canvas -  46 x 60 

When I first painted the red centre in this painting I heard the word “Heart”. The more I painted the more I began to feel a need to look up and through the red shapes to somewhere beyond what I know.

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