CHARACTER: Maria Callas
Maria Callas is one of the most iconographic Opera Singers of the 20th Century. She could sing Dramatic roles and Bel Canto roles which in the Operatic world is very rare. Maria rose to prominence from humble beginnings and was acclaimed by an adoring public. Her natural talent enabled her to embody the character she was portraying, making an instant connection with her audience. She could evoke fear, love or passion with her remarkable talent and incredible singing voice. Her personal life was marred by her high profile relationship with Aristotle Onassis which resulted in heartbreak for her. She never married and died alone in Paris in August 1977. Through all of her highs and lows she remained a committed, passionate and resilient human being on stage and off.
I chose Maria Callas because she is an iconic symbol of the operatic world. I admire her not only as an artist but also as a woman. She carved out an impressive career in a very competitive industry continually striving for perfection. I chose her because of her courage and ambition to succeed through all her personal tragedies. I chose her for her strength and vulnerability, qualities I find endearing. I chose her as a character who deserves her place in the world to be recognised not only as a famous icon but as a human being whose talent shines through even today. I chose Maria Callas because when I listen to her singing I am moved and I want to be able to stir those feelings in those who see my work. I chose her simply because I love who she was and what she did.
Title: La Divina
Medium: Digital (Vector)
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