Matin is an Iranian-Australian artist with a background in sport, music and cookery. Matin holds a bachelor's degree in sports and physical education from Iran, has recorded three albums as a composer and musician, and is a qualified commercial chef. 
Throughout these varied life experiences Matin has maintained a consistent engagement with the visual arts through personal drawing as a pastime and hobby. He joined Melbourne Polytechnic in 2019 to grow his skills and become a professional artist.
Matin is a graduate of the Certificate IV in Visual Arts and is completing the Advanced Diploma of Creative Product Development. He works figuratively in charcoal, oil paint, acrylic and ink, his energetic brushstrokes contrasting against carefully rendered details. His current body of work explores the themes of freedom and confidence, and comes from Matins unique life experience as an Australian and a Persian.
Instagram: art_by_matin_
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Advanced Diploma of Creative Product Development
Code: CUA60415 Cricos: 090497B
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