Mary-Jane Legrand is a graphic designer who works in freelance in Melbourne, she has been working for several years in marketing and advertising as graphic designer back in her home country. She believes that digital design and art is the future of the world and digital will be important to every business organisation.
Mary-Jane was always fascinated by art, since her young age art was one of her favourite subjects. At university level she decided on the design field and did an Advanced Diploma in Visual Communication. After graduating she started work at a photography company as photo editor, and then two years later as a Graphic Designer in a well-known company that does corporate gift. 
Mary-Jane was not happy with that she dream is to be and art director so in order to accomplish dream, She made all the way from Mauritius to upgrade her knowledge and skills, where she first started a marketing and communication course and now doing an Advance Diploma in Creative Product Development at Melbourne Polytechnic.

Free Up

14.8 x 21cm, Acrylic.

Being at the sea felt this gentle briny breeze brushing your face and the scent of the sea which makes you feel in harmony with nature.

The Zen

21cm x 27cm, Acrylic.

In connection with nature, the good energy which makes you feel free and peaceful, after from the negative thought about woman. Let them judge and be in peace with yourself, that’s what we make you achieve great things.

Mandala Girl

21x 29.7cm, Pen drawing and digital.

Complex as we are we still shine in and out, just as the design done to represent the hair complex but beautiful as the face. Inspired by the indian culture in Mauritius, the design on their saree.

High-spirited Woman

29.7 x 42cm, Acrylic and digital.

Mauritian girls always fight for their freedom, they want to speak off because of cultural background they are afraid to do so. But as me there are some that are high spirited we will go on create our own path break the rules and have the constant desire of accomplishing goals and chasing freedom.

Proudly Mauritian

21 x 29.7cm, Pen Drawing and Digital.

Mauritian Flower Girl

21 x 29.7cm, Watercolour and Digital

Mauritian flower Girl was inspired by Frida Kahlo self portrait, Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird. Based on Frida artwork i created mine with the mauritian girl cultural appearance and flower that are found on the island and for symbol the butterfly painted in mauritian colour flag.


21 x 29.7cm, Digital

I always see beauty in other women, but never really look at myself. Doing this self portrait make me realise that am also a “Brown skin girl, my skin just like pearls, the best thing in the world. Never trade me for anybody else” Beyonce.

The Multi-Cultural

21 x 29.7 cm, Digital 

All Mauritian girl diversity in one image. We are a multi-cultural island with lot of values, norms and traditional.

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