Mary-Jane Legrand is a freelance graphic designer in Melbourne, she has been working for several years in marketing and advertising in her home country. Mary-Jane believes that digital design and art has revolutionised the world in terms of advertising and mass-media and will continue to affect every business organisation.
Mary-Jane was always fascinated by art, from a young age art was one of her favourite subjects. At university level she decided to focus on the design field and completed an Advanced Diploma in Visual Communication. After graduation her career started as a photo editor and 2 years later joined a well-known advertising agency.
But Mary-Jane did not want to be only a junior graphic designer she wanted to accomplish her biggest dream that is to become an art director so now doing an Advanced Diploma in Creative Product Development at Melbourne Polytechnic, with these courses she may have her dream life.
Her artwork is about Mauritius woman freedom, draw painted and finally digitalise, her painting demonstrate that woman can be powerful and has the same right as anyone else. There are many symbol in her artwork that demonstrate freedom.

Map Girl


Freedom Fighter

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Advanced Diploma of Creative Product Development
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