I’m a Melbourne based freelance artist/illustrator. I predominately work with oil paints and I specialise in Pop Surreal imagery. Art is a physical way for me to explore my consciousness and blur the line between dream and reality.
I'm inspired by sci-fi, surreal, and otherworldly genres, as well as my surrounding environment and alternative fashion. In the future, I would love to have my own freelance business where I inspire and spark creativity in all, thus spreading magic to the world.
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Oil on canvas, 100 cm x 120 cm. (Original artwork and Prints for sale – contact me for prices)

This oil painting is a representation of my mental illnesses through the use of Alice In Wonderland imagery. The White Rabbit depicts my Social Anxiety, the Cheshire Cat depicts my Generalised Anxiety, and the Queen of Heart depicts my Chronic Depression. Each character displays Alice wearing the mask/head of the aforementioned characters, Alice in this case being the embodiment of myself. My goal was to create a dichotomy between the head and body, illustrating how my mental illnesses dictate my everyday life despite how unaffected I appear on the surface.

Oil on hot pressed watercolour paper, 300gsm, 29.7 cm x 42 cm

(Original artwork and Prints for sale– contact me for prices)

I created this piece for a homage project. It is dedicated to the wonderful Happy D who was the first artist I truly looked up to and exposed me to the world of Pop Surrealism. My goal was to paint something that was clearly influenced by her style, but to also have it look like one of my own works. Depicted is a nude female who has moss and mushrooms growing out of her body, surrounded by lunar moths and an ethereal glow.

Oil on canvas, 29.7 cm x 42 cm.

(Prints for sale – contact me for prices)

An alternative illustration for the cover of ‘IT’ by Stephen King. Shown is a bloodied, gloved hand holding a small paper boat, amidst a neon and bloody background.

Oil and Acrylic on cold pressed watercolour paper, 300gsm, 29.7 cm x 42 cm.

(Prints for sale– contact me for prices)

Hair Like Fine Gold was a painting created for the Fact or Fiction competition earlier this year. The work is based off the Brothers Grimm fairy-tale of Rapunzel, and speaks of how her fate was predestined before her birth. Her hair and the Rampion flower (depicted with her eyes) are preventing her escape from the lonely tower.

Oil on hot pressed watercolour paper, 300gsm, 29.7 cm x 42 cm.

(Original artwork and prints for sale– contact me for prices)

This was a self-promotional painting I created, the brief constraints were quite free other than our artwork must revolve around the letter ‘S’. I chose the words ‘Solemn Sapphic’, in hopes of producing a piece that illustrated the erasure of bisexuals within society. A wide majority of people believe that bisexuality doesn’t really exist, and is just a stepping stone for determining whether one is straight or gay (a lie). I painted most of the work in a variety of grey tones, so that the colour (the colours of the bisexual flag) bleeding out of her heart would be the main focus.

Digital image, Procreate. 

(Prints for sale– contact me for prices)

A spot illustration brief that I digitally rendered for ‘Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide’ by Holly Black. It depicts Thimbletack, a house Brownie, chasing a Will of the Wisp.

Digital image, Procreate. (NFS)

A poster digitally created for the Capers restaurant in Thornbury, as part of a 3 hour brief. 

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