CHARACTER: Rapunzel Kira
Rapunzel is a fictional character from one of the classic Brother’s Grimm fairytales. Her tale is one of tragedy; the fate of her freedom determined by her parent’s selfish greed. She has very long golden blonde hair that the evil witch uses as a method of transport into Rapunzel’s prison - the witch’s tower, and as a way of holding her hostage.
I chose to create my own representation of her due to how she is portrayed in popular adaptions of the story. I felt as though these adaptions strayed too far from the original tale, therefore I wanted to display her story for what it really is.
My aim was to portray that she suffered and that all the pain she was put through was unjustified and awful. However, despite all her trials, she continues to be resilient and always rises to her feet after being knocked down.
Title: Hair like fine gold
Medium: Acrylic and Oil paint
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