Karenne Ann
Pseudoarchaeology In Search of the Siren.
Work created in response to a residency on Skopelos in 2019.

Karenne Ann is a multidisciplinary artist who draws narratives from a diverse range of places. Her work addresses themes that include feminism, nature, fragility; with an interest in documenting historical change.
Her work has always related to relics and remnants. She interrogates the spaces inhabited by incomplete, damaged, or distressed memories and seeks out absences. The work has explored the effects of wrapping, exposing, swaddling, scanning, hiding, modelling and setting fire to objects.

Pseudoarchaeology is an umbrella term for all activities that falsely claim to be archaeological but in fact violate commonly accepted and scientific archaeological practices. as well as some actual activity……Works of this nature are usually marked by the renunciation of well-established theories on the basis of limited evidence, and the interpretation of evidence with a preconceived theory in mind. (Wikipedia)
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