Justin De Leeuw
Wanderlust 2021
Advanced Diploma of Creative Product Development
I am an Artist with a strong social conscience, growing up in south Australia I was surrounded by Art and activism. Movements like BUGAUP, DIY punk and Community radio taught me that I could have a voice through being creative. I have had a go at anything from performance art, building large scale lanterns and fire sculptures in New South Wales, blacksmithing and metal sculpture with commissions and projects in south Australia and the northern territory and tattooing in Australia and Nepal. Over the past few years, I have been studying to improve on my traditional 2D skills focussing on portraits.
A Once Jolly Swagman is a portrait project documenting Melbourne’s rough sleepers. The project has been on hold because of restrictions. During this time, we have kept up with these guys on a regular basis and have built a body of preliminary works from photos in preparation starting in the new year. Proceeds from the sale of these portraits will be divide evenly between the sitters and artist, keeping a third to continue running the project.
Working through Covid times has been a challenge not being able to work on my planned project and restrictions on movements limited our street practise meant thinking outside the box. I have been working on a series of works on canvass themed around COVID attempting to work in my street style with traditional media. 
Xak and Baba is an interspecific street art project that has been working around melbourne for the past three years. Spreading our own style of street art wearing our influences on our sleeves and embedded in social commentary our unique relationship means that we can interact with the public on a deeper level. Whether it’s a school group, an old lady or a homeless person babas friendly personality breaks the ice for Xak to get a chance to talk about their work. This has led to our relationship with Melbourne’s Homeless.
To see more of my work or contact regarding sales, murals or commissions visit Instagram @Xak_and_Baba

“The Fresh Prince of Hosier Lane”
Oil on canvas - 48 x 41"

Selected street art from first half of year.

Oil on canvas - 48 x 40”

“Dan 262”
Oil on canvas - 30 x 30”

Oil on canvas - 48 x 40”
Private collection

Automated Drawing

Selected street art from second half of year.

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