Julia Scarmozzino
Wanderlust 2021
Advanced Diploma of Creative Product Development
My name is Julia Scarmozzino, I am an emerging children’s book illustrator based in Melbourne.
I have been furthering my education in visual art and illustration at Melbourne Polytechnic since 2018. I currently work as a children’s art teacher at a studio in Fairfield. My education and work motivate me to create friendly and quirky artworks that fuel my passion for visual storytelling. I am to ignite imagination through my whimsical illustration.
My focus is on anthropomorphic animals, targeting an audience of children and the young at heart.
The illustrations exhibited include works in progress for an upcoming children’s book titled, “What A Croc!”, which follows Chase, a misunderstood crocodile, and his quest for friendship. Alongside these works are illustrations from a finished self-published children’s book titled “Lonely Long-Nose”, which depicts the lonely life of a greyhound named Long-Nose, living on a racetrack. The book aims to raise awareness to end greyhound racing.
To create this body of work, I have made rough sketches with graphite on paper and used digital painting media such as Photoshop and Procreate to bring them to life. 

Chase’s favourite things were,
Gazing at butterflies,
And sniffing flowers,
On eve, or at sunrise.

Once the water receded,
The swamp was a much nicer place,
For all of the animals,
Wanted to play with Chase.

With great shame and disgrace,
His least favourite thing to do,
Was to, well,

Chase was so lonely,
Living out in the swamp.
His only other playmates were-

Landscape for “What a Croc!”

Chase Character sketch

Lonely Long-Nose double page spread:
Plenty of space, to have fun and be free!

“A rabbit”, thinks Long-Nose, would make a great friend!

Where will she go?
What lies ahead?
Lonely Long-Nose trembles with dread.

Long-Nose dreams of having fun in the sun, but it’s starting to feel like no one will come
In her dreams she has a friend, so her loneliness comes to an end.

Lonely Long-Nose is a beautiful grey,
who lies around her kennel all day.

When it’s time to go and run around the track,
Long-Nose is frightened and tries to turn back.

When Long-Nose looks up, what does she see?

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