Joshua Fabijancic is an Australian artist currently based in Melbourne, who from a young age has been interested in art and the prospect of creating his own body of work that depicts a menagerie of creatures both rooted in prehistory and the realm of fiction. He is currently enrolled in the Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts at Melbourne Polytechnic.
The main piece is the digital work simply titled ‘Camptosaurus’ and features a scene of the animal within a forest opening. This piece along with Joshua’s overall project aims to reconstruct the animals in a way that they appear both naturalistic and accurate to our current knowledge and understanding.
Graphite has largely been Joshua’s favoured medium for creating art but in recent years has picked up on the use of digital programs like Adobe Photoshop to create his work. These two mediums come together during the creation process as Joshua begins by planning and drawing up the linework of a piece in graphite and later scanning it in to be painted digitally. Joshua looks to produce an A-Z series of prehistoric reptiles that he hopes to eventually transfer into a book format.
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