The paintings, prints and drawings that I make are direct responses to my everyday surroundings and memories of places and events – landscape plays an important part in this, but it is also creatures, large and small, which catch my eye.
As I deal with schizophrenia, Visual Art is a means of expressing my thoughts about the world more clearly and directly than I do with language. I am fortunate that by making and exhibiting, I have found a supportive audience who seek out and respond to my work; and this in turn allows me to open up a dialogue about disability, where I am able to encourage other artists with disabilities to engage more with art communities – and through that interaction with the wider community.
I like to challenge myself, by working with a range of mediums such as oil paint, charcoal, pencils and watercolour. I have been inspired by Japanese woodcuts and the concepts of Wabi Sabi (beautiful imperfection) and feel a particular connection to this process. I am very grateful for all the support I have had from the teachers at Melbourne Polytechnic.
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Diploma of Visual Arts
Code: CUA51115 Cricos: 090445C
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