Jocelyn Dexter
Epoch 2021
Diploma of Visual Arts
I am an emerging illustrator, artist and printmaker with a passion for story telling, children’s book illustration, and fantasy.  
I enjoy exploring different creative techniques and in Epoch I am showing my first steps into printmaking. I have found that in printmaking I enjoy the balance between control in the planning and the excitement of the sometimes unexpected results. The “unexpected” may become less random as I increase my skill level! 
Animals and nature inspire me and I like to feature these subjects in my art, giving them personality, individuality and hero status in the image.  
I will be showing my other illustrations from 2021 in Wanderlust, the Advanced Diploma Exhibition in December. 

Dancing Dog

Spirit Dog

Dreaming Dog

Night Dog

Dandelion - Earth, Moon, Sun & Stars
Drypoint Etching

Star Dog
Drypoint Etching

Hiding in Plain Sight I

Hiding in Plain Sight II

Hiding in Plain Sight III

Sheep Friends Ziggy, Friend of Sheep Misu, Sheep Friends Elf, Sheep Friends - Artist Book
Hand Coloured Dry Point Etchings

Drama Queens

Leaves of Memory
Artist Flag Book

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