I am a Melbourne-born photographer and illustrator. I am inspired by the natural world around me, and enjoy expressing that love through the use of watercolour, coloured pencils, and inks. I feel a deep connection to nature and have since I can remember enjoyed exploring the hidden worlds in our backyards. I aim to engage people with nature through the works I create.  
To see more of my works, follow me on my Instagram @harrisjoandco
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Skull and Roses

Ink on 300gsm HP WC Paper

POA Limited Edition Prints


Coloured Pencil on 300 gsm HP WC Paper

POA Limited Edition Prints


Coloured Pencil on 300gsm Hotpressed WC Paper

Not For Sale

Storm in a Teacup

Mixed Media Watercolour and Pencil

POA Limited Edition Prints

A Girl's Life


POA Limited Edition Prints

Capers Poster


Not For Sale

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