From a young age, Jemma has loved to draw and colouring books were her favourite pastime. In her late teens, she found herself exploring new mediums and discovered her talent was drawing with pen, such a simple tool, but her creations were far from.
Jemma predominately uses black ink and is currently experimenting with the use of colour. While her focus remains on the use of black ink, she wants to see where vivid colours can take her imagination. Heavily inspired by her life, you can really see her personality in her art.
Jemma is meticulous when drawing and can spend hours getting lost in the process and the detail. For her the end result is always worth the time and effort. She loves hearing what people see when they look at her work, as a lot is Surrealist Automatism (art without conscious thought).
Jemma hopes to create a coffee table book filled with her artwork from this year.
You can contact Jemma by email at
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