My name is Isabelle McLean, but I go by Fine trip Illustration on social media. I am an emerging Melbourne based artist. From the moment I Picked up a fine liner in my year 8 art class I have never looked back. Over the years I have enjoyed creating vibrant works of art using bold lines, patterns and bright colours. I am often inspired by the iconography of the ‘Flower Power Movement’ and the music and style of the 60’s and 70’s. I use psychedelic shapes, vivid colours and warped patterns.

This year I am aiming to create a body of work that will go towards a solo exhibition. One day I would love to achieve my dream of creating an immersive psychedelic experience that you can walk through and touch.
Interested in the Visual Arts at Melbourne Polytechnic?
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Advanced Diploma of Creative Product Development
Code: CUA60415 Cricos: 090497B
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