Ghazaleh has a Psychology background and loves everything which is related to people and their
lifestyles. She is passionate about portraiture and documentary photography, and she realized these
two genres are closely connected to the field of Psychology. She has found photography is a great way of self-expression.

In September 2021, Ghazaleh was awarded the best photo in the Fact or Fiction competition for her
portrait inspired by Marilyn Monroe.
Women have untold words, secrets, feelings, and emotions. But their rights have been ignored all
over the world in different ways. Through my photographic series, I reveal their true selves, their
emotions, and inner voices.

Women are sensitive, caring, and beautiful on the inside, so I used flowers in some of my album’s
photo. My work was inspired by Frida Kahlo (a Mexican painter) who painted self-portraits of herself
with flowers and nature, showing her identity through her artwork.

The project was a challenge itself, with my first idea was taking photos from different models to show
that everyone is different. But Melbourne’s lockdown limited me to do so. Instead, I completed the
photoshoots with myself and my daughter as the models.

I asked different women what their inner voice was and demonstrated these in my portraiture.
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