Gabby Arich
Epoch 2021
Diploma of Visual Arts
I am a Melbourne based artist, originally from Perth, Western Australia. 
I am influenced by objects and surroundings I encounter in my everyday life, often capturing them on my point and shoot camera or with my phone, tattoo artists and the punk and metal music scenes.
I enjoy working with oil and acrylic paints and creating bold and graphic prints through printmaking.

The ‘S’ Thing 
40 x 50cm 
Oil on Canvas Board 

Lockdown Cats 
21 x 29cm
Oil on Canvas Paper 

20 x 25cm
Oil on Canvas Board 

14 x 15cm 

Black Bird 
12 x 14cm 
Plastic Drypoint

Untitled I
Copper Plate Etching

Untitled II
20 x 29cm 

10 x 15cm 
Relief ink and acrylic paint on canvas paper.

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