CHARACTER: Patsy Stone
The character I have chosen is Patsy Stone, she is a lovable fictional character in the British TV sitcom Absolutely Fabulous. Patsy is a Chain-smoker who stores joints in her trademark Beehive hairstyle. The character is often the object of ridicule; perhaps the reason for the name Patsy.
The reason I chose Patsy as a subject to paint is because I find her character truly human. Although being manipulative and having many failings, there is something very endearing and innocent about her character, almost fragile and childlike. She has had a harsh upbringing, but despite this she has made her way in the world of Fashion as a Model and Magazine Executive exhibiting a strength of character despite all the odds.
Patsy is a feminist with a quick wit, and invariably relies on humour to see her through; of course, accompanied with a bottle of Bollinger Champagne, sweetie, darling, sweetie.
Title: Sweetie, darling, sweetie
Medium Acrylic paint
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