Ewelina Madry
Illustre 2021
Diploma of Visual Arts (Illustration)
My name is Ewelina and I was born in Poland. I studied fine arts both in Poland and Australia. Due to the realistic nature of my work and my interest in storytelling, I realised that I could find a fulfilment in becoming an illustrator; therefore, I enrolled in the Diploma of Visual Arts at Melbourne Polytechnic.
Studying illustration completely changed how I look at things. Before, my interests were limited; my art practice focused on painting nudes and portraiture in oil, inspired by the early twentieth century European art. Now, I look at everything around me and draw my inspiration from many different periods and sources. Searching for an inspiration, I may look at Victorian photography, medieval painting, a contemporary artist or watch a movie, and merge all those different influences in my artwork. I am interested in the symbolism: of colours, animals, and objects I portray. I create my illustrations with a traditional media. I work in oil and a mixed media.
Artworks are available as high-quality prints. Prices start at $90 for an A3 print.
Please contact me if you are interested:
Instagram @ekmadry


Oil on Illustration Board, 53 x 49 cm 


Oil on Illustration Board, 44 x 33 cm

Angry Bull

Mixed Media on Paper, 51 x 34 cm


Oil on illustration Board, 62 x 41.5 cm

Scary Doll

Mixed Media on Paper, 48 x 35 cm 

Green Tea

Oil on Illustration Board, 50.5 x 33 cm

Golden Bird

Mixed Media on Paper, 42 x 41.5 cm


Mixed Media on Paper, 53 x 53 cm 

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