Diana Mejia
Epoch 2021
Diploma of Visual Arts
Hi there!
My name’s Diana and I’m a Melbourne based artist. Throughout this year, I’ve had the opportunity to combine my two passions: Painting and Printmaking. And using these artforms throughout this tumultuous year, has been a wonderful escape.
This year, I have focused on portraiture. Not only to work on my technique, but to visually show the intimate bond of family and friendship. For me as an artist, being able to express my Salvadorean heritage and delve deeper into my ancestral roots, is important to me. And when choosing a medium, I have gravitated towards mixed media, as I feel it has given me a greater sense of freedom when creating art. Not to sound too cliché, but I really do believe that art is a powerful, therapeutic tool. And that it’s needed if you want to connect with the world around you.
And with that, I would just like to say: Thank-you to all my classmates for their positive influence and thank-you to all my teachers for their wonderful guidance, help and support.

Como La Flor
Artist Proof
Drypoint on Rosapina paper 297x420mm (NFS)

Me and Mami
Watercolour, coloured pencil, oil pastel on hot pressed watercolour paper 300gsm.
A1 594x841mm (NFS)

Mujer Maya
Oil on canvas paper
A3 297x420mm (NFS)

La Negra
Oil on canvas paper
A3 297x420mm (NFS)

Oil on canvas paper
A3 297x420mm (NFS)

Mi Querido Chente (Unfinished)
Watercolour on watercolour paper, hot pressed 300gsm
A4 (NFS)

Como El Agua
Drypoint on Rosapina paper
A5 148x210mm (NFS)

Free Spirit
Drypoint on Rosapina paper
210x255mm (NFS)

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