Parkville (Watercolour and gouache in an A5 Canson 300gsm Aquarelle sketchbook.)
Dean Jones
As an illustrator I have found few things more artistically challenging, and more conducive to learning, than Plein Air painting. All the things I normally have the luxury of time to do…from selecting a subject to planning a composition, making an accurate drawing, planning colour, mixing colour etc, need to be done on the spot, in a few fleeting moments. Once I have a vision for the painting, it needs to be executed quickly and confidently while the weather, insects and passers-by have their way with you, and while the scene inevitably changes as the sun moves, and the day grows long. This piece was done beside a footpath in Royal Parade, Parkville and took less than 2 hours which is longer than I would normally try to spend on works like these.
Instagram: @dean_a_jones
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