Darcy is a film theory refugee seeking to use her interests in character and personal identity to create a body of work that examines the myriad ways that we present and represent our selves. 
Her current works focus on the effect the pandemic has had on her friends and family, from seemingly endless despair to relentless hope. Coupled with the changing nature of her art practice under such restrictions, she has created pieces that are both small and intimate, and large and overwhelming.
She works in Oils on Canvas (Top of Page), Digital (Middle of Page), and Printmaking (Bottom of Page).
You can find her on Instagram @supralethal 
For sales inquiries mail: DarcyRidgway@gmail.com

It’s Gonna Be OK – 91 x 122cm - Oil on Canvas - $2000 (Melbourne Area only)

A friend’s selfie toward the beginning of the Melbourne Lockdown in May lead to a long journey of attempting to distil the courage and hope she put forth at every opportunity. Victorian era flower code frames the message: Columbine for Resolution, Zinnia for thoughts of absent friends, Chamomile for patience in adversity, and Oak for strength.

Scale reference. The Portraitless Portraits beside are 20.3 x 25.4cm (8x10 inches).

Portraitless Portrait 1 - Oil on Canvas -  $300 (Plus P&H)

Portraitless Portrait 2 - Oil on Canvas - $300 (Plus P&H)

Claire – A3 Digital - $50 Print (Incl. P&H)

Riffing on Gustave Courbet's 'A Desperate Man'

A5 Digital – Digital Print $25 (incl. P&H)

Debbie – 17x17cm - Linocut Print -1/7 - $30 (Plus P&H)
Debbie – 17x17cm - Linocut Print -1/7 - $30 (Plus P&H)
Chrissy – 17 x 17cm - Linocut Print -1/7 - $30 (Plus P&H)
Chrissy – 17 x 17cm - Linocut Print -1/7 - $30 (Plus P&H)
Shirley – 17 x 17cm - Linocut Print -1/7 - $30 (Plus P&H)
Shirley – 17 x 17cm - Linocut Print -1/7 - $30 (Plus P&H)
A series of studies of the most influential rock icons of my life using the visceral act of carving lino to create the spaces that they light up.
Get all three for $75 (Incl. P&H)

Rock Icon Panorama – 71 x 16 Linocut Print - 1/3 - $100 (Incl. P&H)

It's Called … Empathy

18x25cm – 1/6 - Linocut Print - $40 (Plus P&H)


19x19 -1/10 - Linocut Print - $30 (Plus P&H)

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