CHARACTER: Claire Saffitz
Claire Saffitz is an American pastry chef and presenter on Bon Appétit’s YouTube show Gourmet Makes. In Gourmet Makes she reverse engineers popular sweets and snacks - notably M&Ms, Skittles, Pocky, Pringles, Doritos, and Starburst, among others - using a wealth of baking and food chemistry knowledge.
The title Temper Temper came about because of her well-known dislike of tempering chocolate (a process by which chocolate achieves a hardness upon setting, giving it a specific ‘snap’ on breaking, which is notoriously difficult to do). I chose her because she’s a smart, perfectionist who uses ingenious methods to solve problems.
I love watching her figure things out; her successes are a joy, and her failures can be disheartening but humanising. She gets frustrated but she takes comfort from the advice of her coworkers and it always makes her more determined to succeed.
Title: Temper, temper.
Medium: Digital
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