Darcy Ridgway has spent the majority of the past decade and a half working and studying in film and media.  Having relatively recently made the leap to visual arts, she is excited to develop a body of work building on her interests in surrealist film, horror, pop art, politics, feminism, and personal identity.
Her current work has been focused on developing her skills and challenging her own expectations. As she primarily works in portraiture and large-scale posters, she has spent her time producing smaller pieces to push her out of her comfort zone and develop speed and accuracy.
She works primarily in oil on canvas and digital.
Portrait of Claire Saffitz
Host of Gourmet Makes
Portrait of Beverly Katz
Digital, 2 hour time limit
Portraitless Portrait 1
Oil on Canvas
To force me to focus on the backgrounds and develop them as much as the faces, I excised the people to emphasise the objects.
Portraitless Portrait 2
Oil on Canvas
The void in the centre gave me leave to spend as much time as needed on the background without getting distracted adjusting the shape of a cheek, or the curve of a lip.
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