CHARACTER: Donald Trump
The character I chose is Donald Trump, he is the present USA president. I don’t really like him and don’t follow him in any way. Actually I illustrated him to critique his way of addressing the current situation.
Trump is a really rude person who doesn’t know a decent way to speak making him loose respect from others. On one side, the way he refers to immigrants and black people is despicable and vile, on the other side, he makes very demeaning and sexiest comments every time he talks about women.
He’s a controversial person and someone not very trustworthy. In The Washington Post they talked about the new platform ‘The Fact Checker’ that was created to prove the veracity of his statements and they also assure that Trump has made 19127 false or misleading claims in 1226 days. Even the presidential historian Douglas Brinkley have talked about it and I quote “There is no president that lied as if they were a form of breathing, except Donald Trump”. There’s is more reasons why I don’t like this character and reasons I don’t agreed with his acts but this are the main ones why I despise him.
Title: He is racist
Medium: Digital
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