Hola! I'm Dani from Dani Designs.
I'm a contemporary Colombian, Melbourne based illustrator and my contents go from children’s book illustrations and cartoons to political and fan art portraits with a style determined by thick outlines and bright colour palettes.
I've started a journey to make my wishes come true 4 years ago when I established myself in Australia. I have studied a Diploma and an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design, a Diploma of Visual Arts in illustration and at the moment I'm undertaking an Advanced Diploma in Creative Product Development.
This year, I've started with a range of portraits under my style that are inspired by public figures, artists and films I'm a fan of or have an opinion of. My main medium is digital where I work in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop bringing my collages to life. Also, I'm exploring with watercolours to experiment and extend my abilities with traditional media so I can create different versions of my artwork in different medium.
Follow me on Instagram: @danidesigns_
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Advanced Diploma of Creative Product Development
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