I am an illustrator that is primarily focussed on design and storytelling. I not only enjoy telling my own stories but also love the collaborative process of working with other people. With a background in video editing and photography, as well as having completed a Bachelor of Design, I am focused on the composition of images and how that helps tell a story.
I am currently working almost exclusively in the digital realm, using an iPad and the application Procreate to generate images. This year I have been working on two projects. The first is a set of storyboards to accompany a script for a short film ‘The Portal’ written by my friend and collaborator, Andrew Archer. The second project is a set of character designs and cover artwork for a children’s book ‘MiMi and The Monics’ written by Gamma Waves. My role as an aid for the storytellers is varied. For the character designs, I help tell the stories of the characters by designing their visual characteristics. For the cover art I am visualising a major point of the story, showing the young heroes transition from their old word into the new. For the storyboards I go further, designing the characters, setting and then construct a sequence that will be translated into moving images. The design of every shot is important because each shot contributes to the story as a whole. What I do or don’t include and how I frame those elements has a big impact on the audience’s experience of the story.
I have come to understand that design and storytelling are inextricably connected in my work and I value their relationship when engaging with new material. Moving forward I will continue to hone my visual storytelling skills through new collaborations and projects that challenge me to grow as an illustrator.
To see more of my work or to contact me, please visit my Instagram: @romyvh.artwork​​​​​​​ or visit my Behance page: behance.net/romyvanhandley

Storyboard project ‘The Portal’ Introduction

2019 Storyboards for ‘The Portal’. Digital, Photoshop on an iMac

2020 Storyboards for ‘The Portal’. Digital, Procreate on an iPad

2020 Storyboards for ‘The Portal’. Digital, Procreate on an iPad

Book project ‘Mi-Mi and The Monics’ Introduction

Work In Progress images for ‘Mi-Mi and The Monics’

Character designs for ‘Mi-Mi and The Monics’

Book cover for ‘Mi-Mi and The Monics’

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