CHARACTER: Ofelia - Pans Labyrinth
Ofelia is a fictional character in the movie Pans Labyrinth. She is the reincarnation of a long dead mythical princess of the underworld called ‘Princess Moana’. Set during the Spanish civil war, Ofelia experiences great loss her original parents and pursues her belief in the fantasy and fairy-tale world to protect her and escape from her new stepdad, a sadistic and fascist army officer.
As a young girl she possesses great curiosity, intelligence, perseverance, bravery and magic. Personally, Ofelia has taught me to always believe in the great magic and possibility the physical world has, to remain hopeful and understand that despite pain and suffering, humans are capable of transcending these events and finding salvation, reclamation and the light in dark times.
Title: Princess of the underworld
Medium: Mixed media
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