Catherine grew up with world heritage conservation battles raging in her Tasmanian homeland, from the
lost Lake Pedder, to the wild and free Franklin River. Since the early 90’s she travelled the world to over
thirty countries, capturing landscapes, places, wildlife and people. After she returned from her last visit to
Africa, she was inspired to take her photography to the next level.
In Southern Edge, she shines a light on Tasmania's remote wilderness areas, that are not only beautiful, but endangered. She reminds us of the importance of preserving them for our future generations.

' As I walked in the footsteps of those who have gone before me, I explored my own connections
to this country. When I discovered my place within this wilderness, I found a beauty that moved me.
I shifted between the lived and dreamed, the real and the imagined. 
I often wondered…was this my last visit? Would this wilderness be ruined by wildfires,
dried by drought, or destroyed by bulldozers?

Tasmania's national parks stand sentinel against the ravages of time. They are microcosms of how nature once was everywhere on earth. Ghosts maybe, of a time that is now?
I hope my series evokes wonder, whilst reminding us of what we are in danger of losing forever.'
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