Bambridge Rere
Illustre 2021
Diploma of Visual Arts (Illustration)
Hello, I am a digital and sketch focused artist. I love to draw ever since I was little and develop a sense of love with art. Drawing has been a hobby of mine, I love to just grab a pencil and sketch whatever comes to mind. My work is usually based on landscapes of any kind, whether if its about reality or fantasy. I get inspirated by any visual scene I enjoy, like movies or T.V shows, or even the outside world where I could enjoy a lovely sunset with its amazing colours. I came to study more in art to grow further with my skills and to be a more professional when it comes to making my art. I seek to explore more in the digital art world and seek a career in the graphic design and Illustration. 

“Dishwashing Ad Poster”
Gouache on A2 Paper

“Black Panther Poster”
Gouache on A3 Paper


“Flower Pattern” 

“Drapery Study”
Charcoal on Paper 

Mixed Media/Gouache and Digital 

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