I am a Danish-American illustrator, writer, and comic artist. I work with a combination of inks, watercolour, and digital. No matter the medium, my art is a way to tell stories and tap into my inner child.
What I love most about storytelling is the ability to connect deeply with other people and express vulnerability. My long-term goals are to engage my local community and to empower young people to express themselves through comics. I am currently working on a series of short comics, which I am publishing online early next year.
All my works are available as A4 and A3 prints at gumroad.com/aprildrawscomics
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Flatcat and Ragdog

Ink on Watercolour Paper

Flatcat and Ragdog started as small sketches taking inspiration from E. H. Shepard’s illustrations of Winnie-the-Pooh. It has since bloomed into a series of small stories about three stuffed animals that go on adventures. In the painting above, Flatcat is fishing for a new shirt, which Ragdog thinks is a marvellous idea.

Octopus’s Treasure


Octopus’s Treasure is a short, wordless comic about an octopus who hunts for treasure on the beach and brings them back home to the sea. 

Arnie the Armadillo


Arnie is a sweet fellow, though incredibly scared of everything. He enjoys cookies and bugs. More than anything he would like a friend.  

The Golden Compass


Philip Pullman’s The Golden Compass is about a young woman torn between her mother and father, the church and science, glamour and nobility.  

Space Walker


A woman walks her dolphin in space. 

Cape Disappointment

Watercolour and Digital Collage

In this series of paintings, I wanted to explore the places I spent my childhood and the emotions and memories attached to them. In this difficult climate in the US, it is especially challenging to be away from my family. Lockdown has meant I have spent a great deal of reminiscing about the past. I used a digital technique of stitching together watercolour pieces to achieve this effect.

Mt. Adams

Watercolour and Digital Collage

Mt. Baker

Watercolour and Digital Collage

Tree Studies in Sepia
Ink on Watercolour Paper, A3 Originals POA
Inspired by the breathtaking Australian flora and fauna, I wanted to capture the eucalyptus trees in my neighbourhood. More than that, I wanted to convey the sense of wonder these beautiful trees give me. 

These are small sketches and doodles from my art journal this year. I was exploring visual storytelling, characters, and world development.

This zine was an exploration of the past twenty years of my life. You can purchase this zine here: gum.co/kaXzL

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