Born in Australia, I spent my formative years living in Montreal, before returning to Melbourne in my teens. Following a rewarding career in healthcare, I realigned my life to full time study in the visual arts and am now ready to graduate and embark on a new journey.
In my current body of work I have chosen to create prints using the photosensitive process of Cyanotype. My creative process incorporates a series of charcoal and graphite images which are layered with a variety of plants and textured fibres. These are then exposed to sunlight to produce the final prints onto paper prepared with the Cyanotype solution. The layering of different creative techniques and organic material add a complexity to the final prints. The process is not always predictable. There is the element of chance, the final image may have unexpected results, yet all the combined elements augment the final work.
My work is an evolving exploration of the fragility and transience of life and the connection to the spiritual in everything within and around us. There is a nostalgic element in the blue of Cyanotype. The colour elicits contradictory emotions, a sense of calmness and serenity, yet it also conveys a sense of sadness, evoking memories of things past or lost.
Through this combination of techniques and materials, I create a physical record in the form of a blueprint, capturing the transient quality of dreams, memories and nature.
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Nostalgia - Cyanotype with Silk Ribbon

Homage to Anna Atkins I

Anna Atkins - Cyanotype

Homage to Anna Atkins II

Anna Exposed - Cyanotype

Homage to Anna Atkins III

Breathe - Cyanotype

Breathe, Please Breathe - Cyanotype

Memory - Cyanotype

Premonition - Cyanotype

Botanica & Spice, Cyanotype
Botanica & Spice, Cyanotype
Botanica, Cyanotype
Botanica, Cyanotype
Botanica Layers, Cyanotype
Botanica Layers, Cyanotype
Botanica Series - Cyanotype
Solitude I,  Cyanotype and Watercolour
Solitude I, Cyanotype and Watercolour
Lost, Cyanotype
Lost, Cyanotype
Solitude II, Cyanotype and Watercolour
Solitude II, Cyanotype and Watercolour

Drifting - Cyanotype

Lie au Ciel - Mixed Media

Daisy Dreaming I - Cyanotype

Day Dreaming II - Cyanotype 

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