Born in Australia, I spent my formative years living in Montreal, before returning to Melbourne in my teens, following a long career in healthcare. I realigned my life to become involved full time with the visual arts.
I have developed a conceptual approach, with a balance of experimental and formal techniques.  I approach a variety of subjects in a multilayered way allowing the opportunity to be involved with my work in a way that is both physical and spiritual. 
The focus of my current project is creating a series of cyanotype prints, derived from a number of distinct elements .My first step in the process is drawing a series of charcoal and graphite portraits. The portraits are then copied onto transparencies and layered with other images; textured and natural fibres, onto prepared paper and exposed to Ultra Violet light to produce Cyanotype prints
This combining of techniques, natural fibres, flora and personal experiences, allows me to create a physical record in the format of a blueprint endeavouring to capture the transient quality of dreams, memories and nature.


Graphite A4


Charcoal A4


Graphite A4

Time to Dream

Graphite A3

Lié au ciel

Charcoal and Graphite A3

Anna Atkins

Graphite A5

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