Alice Goucher
Wanderlust 2021
Advanced Diploma of Creative Product Development
Hi! My name is Alice and I’m an artist born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. Ever since I was young, I always wanted to have a career that nurtured my creativity. I’ve been studying with Melbourne Polytechnic since 2018 and throughout those years I have learnt the skills and developed my work to make those dreams a reality in my future.
Since I began studying visual arts, I have discovered a huge love for printmaking, and it has become my main medium of choice. I enjoy the problem solving and decision making that happens throughout the process and the unpredictable nature of never really knowing what your art will look like until the moment it’s completed.
Throughout the past two years with a lot of uncertainty felt across the world, and despite the numerous challenges put before us it has been incredibly cathartic to be able to make art and be creative.
Instagram: @alicesalbum

Artist Book
Hand printed linocut, digitally coloured.

Hand Printed Linocut

5-minute life drawing

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