Welcome to the Wanderlust 2021 Online Exhibition showcasing the work of the students graduating from the Advanced Diploma of Creative Product Development. Wanderlust is a term used to describe a strong desire to travel. For this group of talented visual artists from Australia and overseas who have chosen to hone their visual art skills under the mentorship of talented Melbourne Polytechnic staff Wanderlust means so much more. The desire to pursue our imaginings through visual art and enjoy the journey of creating something wonderful with routes sometimes unknown but dreams of destinations far and wide aptly sums up what Wanderlust means to this group. 
Wanderlust features a collection of work created in a variety of media, including digital, painting, and printmaking. The students of this unique multidisciplinary course have chosen to either specialise in their chosen media or pursue multiple mediums as they work on individual self-directed creative projects.
Each artist has pushed through isolation, creating in make shift home studios, participating in mentor sessions and group meetings online all the while holding aloft their passion to bring to fruition the works displayed in Wanderlust. This tumultuous year of creating in the city of the world’s longest lockdown has tested each artists dedication but they have emerged with more resilience and determination to forge a career in visual arts as Wanderlust demonstrates.

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