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About Us

Welcome to the first-ever ONLINE exhibition for the Diploma of Visual Arts at Melbourne Polytechnic. Up until this year, the Illustration and Painting/Printmaking streams of the Diploma have held separate exhibitions in our beautiful A-Space gallery located at the Preston campus. This year however, due to Covid-19 restrictions, the students have decided to join forces in a combined, multi-discipline and highly-esteemed online exhibition known as illustreXepoch.
Melbourne has experienced one of the strictest and longest-lasting lockdown restrictions in the world. The students spent most of their Diploma year studying online and creating art in isolation with limited resources. Despite the lockdown, many of the students found comfort, support and friendship with one another. Now more than ever, they needed to be resilient. As the next generation of artists, these students have now proven themselves to be responsible, creative professionals and are ready to conquer the world. 
It is with great pride and joy that we invite you to IllustreXEpoch. I am sure you will agree that the work on display is quite remarkable considering the challenges faced by the lockdown and the global pandemic. What’s more, the creative achievements of each student on display is testament to their ongoing resilience, dedication to task and their strong work ethic.
Exhibition Duration: 20th November – 2nd December
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